At C-Food International, we specialize in the production, marketing and distribution of foodstuff. We build brands with international quality standards to meet the global nutrition needs of people.

C-Food International’s mission is to serve the consumer’s changing needs. We are always committed to meet daily needs of nutrition with premium brands produced and handled with accurate care until reaching the consumer’s hands.

C-Food International was founded in the year 2003 when the founders decided to launch the Siblou brand in the international markets. Siblou is a specialized seafood brand; its range of retail and food service products includes 80 SKUs of mostly frozen but chilled and canned as well. After five years of operation, Siblou today is distributed in 27 countries located in the Middle East, Africa and Europe through a network of specialized distributors. During 2008, the company launched three new food brands: Sirella, Adriana and Trébon. The first two are seafood brands and targeting two different segments. Sirella caters to the needs of premium and gourmet seafood product consumers, whereas the latter targets shoppers who want to enjoy seafood at an affordable cost. The third brand, Trébon, is a canned vegetable brand tailored to fit the common needs of the mass consumers.

FMCG - Frozen Food, Brands: Siblou, Adriana, Sirella, Trébon

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Siblou at Gulfood 2014

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