Siblou in SIAL Paris, 2016: An Enormous Presence for Siblou

Siblou participated for the 6th time in SIAL Paris, the largest fair dedicated to the food industry. The fair took place between October 16th and October 20th, 2016, in Paris, and brought together the most prestigious companies from the food industry worldwide.

 Siblou was one of the few Lebanese companies participating in this reputable exhibit. Siblou’s participation in SIAL, through its exquisite stand and branding, is a recognition of the product quality and experience accumulated in the seafood industry worldwide. Our products are appreciated beyond our country borders and, in this manner, we succeeded to gain partners all over the world and to export in different countries. For the past 20 years, Siblou constantly invests in human assets and quality control and development to become a quality benchmark in this field, and the remarkable performance registered over the years, confirm our leading position in this industry. The SIAL fair, organized for 20 sectors, aims to bring together in the same place the most important retail and trading, food industry, agro-food industry and wine-making industry companies. At the 26th edition of SIAL, more than 150,000 visitors, 6,300 exhibitors from more than 105 countries participated.